Winter Semester Registration Now Open

NEW! Our winter semester is now open! See all classes and workshops here.

Q: Is this different from the winter intersession?
A: Yes indeed! The winter intersession, while awesome, is only one month: December 10 – January 6. The winter semester is 12 weeks, running from January 7 – March 29.

Q: Does that mean all classes are 12 weeks long?
A: Nope! In fact, only a handful of classes are 12 weeks. Most classes are 4 or 6 weeks. Some classes have two sessions, which means you can take whichever session fits your schedule better.

Q: Should I sign up for both sessions?
A: We’re not gonna stop you, but we don’t recommend it! Session I and Session II are the same class, they just have different dates.

Q: Do you offer classes for middle schoolers after school on Thursday afternoons?
A: Why yes, yes we do! Check out our middle school after school program here.

Nov, 07, 2017